I’m an artist and illustrator who creates images inspired by the feelings of human beeings. Drawing is my way of communicating. 
Interesting faces of old or young people, vulnerability, nature, famous musicians, or cities I have lived in and countries I travel to are my sources of inspiration.
I love telling a story with every image i create.
I am passionate about experimenting with different mediums and I am interested on the contrast between using a pencil on paper and using the modern medium iPad that allows me to carry my studio in my pocket think in bigger dimensions.



Ameli Neureuther was born in Munich in 1981.

Ever since her childhood, she was passionate about drawing and art. She studied art at CATS - Arts and Sciences in Cambridge and later went on to study fashion at ESMOD in Munich. Her final collection won her the first prize for illustration at the International Hempel Fashion Award in Beijing.

After graduation, she moved to New York to work for the fashion label MARC JACOBS. She then moved to Berlin where she was the assistant designer of the international fashion label WUNDERKIND under the creative direction of Wolfgang Joop for six years. During her time in Berlin, she focused on the dialogue between fashion, illustration, and art. Ameli Neureuther currently works as a freelance artist and designer.

With her talent, Ameli carries on the tradition of the Neureuther family as a family of artists, a tradition that goes back as far as the 18th century.

Ludwig Neureuther, (1775 to 1830) painter, lithographer and etcher. His son the artist Eugen Napoleon Neureuther (1806 to 1882) who illustrated poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe among others.