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Licht & Sicht


Developing Art Work for the new restaurant

at the top of Germany — Zugspitze: 

Giclée-FineArt-Print behind acrylic glass

Size: 1,80 m x 5,85 m

Take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself deeply into nature! Lean softly into the present moment and its beauty.


In an unique way, the Zugspitze is a place where tradition meets modernity. This is apparent by taking a look at the ancient tourism posters and the modern ropeway technologiy which is an undeniable part of the mountain peak area.


In addition, there ist the vastness and beauty of the mountains and the many possibilities to be active, for example like skiing, snowboarding and mountainieering. At the restaurant Panorama 2962 you can relax with delicious local food and sunbath at the same time with a stunning unique view.


The most important aspect for me was to convey the joy of this multifaceted and unusual experience, with my artwork. It gives an impression how the Zugspitze differentiates itself as a travel destination throughout many generations.

Licht und Sicht
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